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OCEANAIR Pleated SkyScreen - plissiertes Rollo mit Mückennetz, wird auf der Innenverkleidung der Kabine montiert.

The stylish esay fit solution for rectangular and round hatches. A 100% blackout blind and a flyscreen both in pleated fabrics combined in one ultra-slim alloy cassette, designed to be surface mounted or concealed in the headlining. SkyScreens available in standard and custom sizes on demand, tailored to fit any hatch. On demand supplied also with a trim system made up of four separated moulded pieces. Frame colour: white (RAL9016). On demand available in beige too (RAL9001)

Art. Nr.für Luken ModellAuch ideal für Luken Modellinnere Schnittmaße - Xinnere Schnittmaße - YFarbe Rahmen
19.803.10Lewmar 10 (19.410.10 - 19.420.10)-260 mm260 mm weiß
19.803.44Lewmar 44 (19.410.44; 19.420.44; 19.440.44)-442 mm442 mm weiß
19.803.60Lewmar 60 (19.410.60; 19.420.60; 19.440.60)-507 mm507 mm weiß
19.803.02Bomar 1029 (19.720.02)Lewmar 30 (19.410.30; 19.420.30)470 mm340 mm weiß
19.803.05Bomar 1039 (19.720.05) -514 mm514 mm weiß
19.803.04Bomar 1080 (19.720.04)-470 mm470 mm weiß