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GLOMEX Nashira standard and AGC TV antenna

The first unmatched digital terrestrial TV antenna, fitted with manual or automatic amplifier (AGC Automatic Gain Control) that amplifies the signal when needed. Single TV output, but if matched with an optional splitter, it connects two TVs on board via ether, cable or video/recorder and it can also receive AM-FM radio frequencies. 12/24 V power, 370-mm Ø, 185-mm height, 900-g weight. 20-m cable included.

Art. Nr.NewArticoloOPTIONAL flat basesOPTIONAL overhang base OPTIONAL splitter OPTIONAL LTE filterAdjustable gain control
29.925.00 * 29.927.0129.917.3029.925.0529.925.02Manual
Instructions available in the following languages: ITA - ENG

Manual gain control

Automatic gain control

29.925.05 optional