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IC-M423 - VHF receiver with active noise suppressor and class-D DSC. Equipped for remote station

The new-generation MMI (Man-Machine Interface) user-friendly menus, in synergy with the dot-matrix LCD display, the rotating selector and the soft-touch keys, allows to learn the use of this device very fast even to less experts users. The new MMI system, complying with the ITU-R M.493-13 and EN300338-1/3 regulations, paves the way to a new generation of radios. - 25 W / 1 W power - Type-tested device with DSC, class D - Bi-directional active noise suppressor that reduces the background noise up to 90% (20 dB) and improves the voice sound quality during reception and transmission - 10W audio power for Public Address and Antifog Siren functions (it requires external loudspeaker) - DSC Test Call/Auto CH Switch - AquaQuakeTM that drains water deposited on the loudspeaker - Compatible with AIS Icom MA-500TR transponder - Equipped with HM-196B palm microphone, mounting bracket, power cable, fuses and handbook in Italian.

Art. Nr.Foto ArticoloColor
29.338.01 White
29.338.03 Commandmic optional HM-195SB for remote operations, able to perform all radio functions.

29.338.02 + 29.338.03