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GARMIN GHP-10 autopilot

The GHP 10 pilot ensures excellent performance in all sea conditions. GHP 10 is approved for use with Mercury Verado engines and works with all boats equipped with hydraulic steering system. GHP 10 is equipped with the Shadow Drive TM patented technology that allows to adjust the route without releasing the pilot or force the steering wheel.

Art. Nr.Foto ArticoloVersionVerpackungsinhalt
29.007.20NX wind packNX Wind Bildschirm, Wind Wireless Geber, WSI Anschlusskasten
29.007.21NX start pack 1NX Data Bildschirm, Wind Wireless Geber, WSI Anschlusskasten, TH52 Durchbruchmontage Geber

29.007.20 29.007.21