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Very low voltage drop battery combiners (diodes) and automatic battery isolators

They can charge more than one battery simultaneously, giving preference to the battery with the lowest charging level. Electrical separation of each battery to avoid the one with highest charge level to flow into the one with lowest charge level. Aluminium body, wide finning suitable for dispersing heat efficiently.

CodeBatteriesMax power delivered by each battery AlternatorsMax voltage
14.922.00250 A1100 V100x120x80 mm
14.922.013100 A2100 V200x120x80 mm
14.922.02450 A2100 V200x120x80 mm
14.922.03350 A1100 V100x120x80 mm
14.922.042100 A2100 V200x120x80 mm
14.922.052150 A1/2100 V200x120x80 mm