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Nylon seacocks with hose adaptor

White nylon through hull drains with mirror polished stainless steel front visible ledge and 90° hose adaptor

CodeFoto ArticoloVarianteThreadØ ABCD
17.328.02 Nylon with stainless steel head1/2''16 mm45 mm42 mm37 mm
17.328.03 Nylon with stainless steel head1"20 mm44 mm47 mm49 mm
17.328.33 Nylon with stainless steel head1"20 mm28 mm53 mm52 mm
17.328.04 Nylon with stainless steel head1"25 mm46 mm47 mm49 mm
17.328.05 Nylon with stainless steel head1"29/32 mm40 mm70 mm56 mm
17.328.06 Nylon with stainless steel head2"38 mm61 mm70 mm74 mm
17.328.07 Nylon with stainless steel head2"50 mm61 mm90 mm74 mm
17.322.52All nylon1/2''16 mm45 mm42 mm37 mm
17.322.53 All nylon1"20 mm44 mm47 mm49 mm
17.322.54 All nylon1"25 mm46 mm47 mm49 mm
17.322.55 All nylon1"29/32 mm40 mm70 mm56 mm
17.322.56 All nylon2"38 mm61 mm70 mm74 mm
17.322.57 All nylon2"50 mm61 mm90 mm74 mm