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Utility high-beam light fitted with pulpit coupling

Features: - ABS with anodized aluminium bracket and stainless steel base - WAGNER optical bulb with 600-m max. capacity - Full 360° rotation and elevation joint, frictioning - detachable light with 2-m extention cable - special waterproof switch, fitted with rubber cover, built-in into the rear dome - equipped with waterproof plug for flush or flat mounting. Features: - weather resistant - vacuum-sealed unbreakable optic bulb, humidity and salt resistant - great power - light weight, low cost.

CodeBulbVWShort light, large beamHigh-beam lightFor pipesHeightWidthSpare bulb
13.239.00Double filament12100+100100 m600 m22/25 mm250 mm215 mm13.116.00 (12 V)