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Night Eye Electric - Stanley electrically operated light

Fitted with BLUE EYE 5”3/4-inch halogen watertight bulb, equipped with double filament. They deliver large-cone short light (100 metres) or narrow-cone high beam light (250 metres). 355° rotation, 70° high and low. Supplied with multifunctional control panel. UV-resistant white ABS body.

CodeDescriptionVWHeightLengthØSpare bulbsSpare panel Second station panel without relais
13.230.00 12100+100220 mm220 mm160 mm13.230.1213.231.1213.231.30
13.230.01 24100+100220 mm220 mm160 mm13.230.1313.231.2413.231.31
13.230.054-m pre-assembled extension cable12;24100+100220 mm220 mm160 mm13.230.12;13.230.1313.231.12;13.231.2413.231.30;13.231.31