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BOMAR Flush hatches

Made of polycarbonate; fitted with snap-in safety handles, closing from the inside, smoked polycarbonate glass.

CodeSizeColorOutsideCutNet light
19.910.10BI25 mmWhite304x302 mm262x262 mm230x230 mm
19.910.10NE25 mmBlack304x302 mm262x262 mm230x230 mm
19.927.10BI25 mmWhite394x521 mm330x454 mm318x445 mm
19.927.10NE25 mmBlack394x521 mm330x454 mm318x445 mm
19.966.10BI25 mmWhite480x480 mm428x428 mm414x414 mm
19.966.10NE25 mmBlack480x480 mm428x428 mm414x414 mm
19.995.10BI25 mmWhite570x570 mm501x501 mm489x489 mm
19.995.10NE25 mmBlack570x570 mm501x501 mm489x489 mm

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