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Fuel additive: 1) disperses condensated water that is formed in all tanks - 2) dissolves fungus, tar and paraffin deposits of diesel fuel, making fuel more uniform and clean, without leaving waste or incrustations on power systems - reduces consumption from 5.26 to 9,81%, Fastol has a high surface-active power, which enables a fine fuel nebulation that mixes better with air and is then totally combusted. - 4) prevents corrosion as it helps avoid the formation of sulphuric acid - 5) eliminates black smoke due to its improved combustion. Application: 1 litre every 1000 litres of fuel. Very useful for winter storage as it help prevents the formation of condensated water and deposits on tanks and piping, thus enabling the use of all the old fuel and ensuring an easy operation once the hull is put back in the water

65.050.01Fastol Blue diesel TRZ100 ml
65.051.01Fastol Blue petrol100 ml
65.050.02Fastol Blue diesel TRZ1 l
65.051.02Fastol Blue petrol1 l