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Low profile BOMAR "Contour"

Made of aluminium white paint epoxy resins and fitted with smoked tempered glass; complies with EC standards; invisible hinges fitted onto the profile, opening with hinged stoppers and ventilating position.

CodeFoto ArticoloOpeningAperture requiredOuterOPTIONAL finishing internal counterflangeOPTIONAL fly screenOPTIONAL sunshadesOverhang
19.720.01 248x248 mm275x275 mm343x343 mm19.720.0719.720.1519.720.2024 mm
19.720.02 315x445 mm340x470 mm410x540 mm19.720.0819.720.1619.720.2124 mm
19.720.03 395x395 mm420x420 mm491x491 mm19.720.0919.720.1719.720.2224 mm
19.720.04445x445 mm470x470 mm540x540 mm19.720.1019.720.1819.720.2324 mm
19.720.05 490x490 mm515x515 mm584x584 mm19.720.1119.720.1919.720.2424 mm
19.720.06 610x610 mm640x640 mm708x708 mm-19.720.30-24 mm
BOMAR SUN-SHADES for hatches are designed for installation in a matter of minutes. Slide locking. With a special knob, the overlapping tabs split in two and block the passage of light and heat. 19.715.02 Spare kit, external handle

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19.720.04 + 19.720.23