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FLUSH inspection hatch

The faired cover hides the frame completely; flush hinges; 180° opening; walking surface. UV BASF resistant.

CodeNewArticoloFoto ArticoloVarianteOutsideInsideCutOPTIONAL lock kit
20.291.00  White380x280 mm295x198 mm310x210 mm20.093.00
20.292.00  White600x350 mm513x265 mm530x280 mm20.093.00
20.293.00  White375x375 mm285x285 mm300x300 mm20.093.00
20.294.00  White520x465 mm430x375 mm445x390 mm20.093.00
20.295.00  White600x250 mm515x165 mm530x180 mm20.093.00
20.291.40  Cream RAL 9001380x280 mm295x198 mm310x210 mm20.093.00
20.292.40   Cream RAL 9001600x350 mm513x265 mm530x280 mm20.093.00
20.293.40   Cream RAL 9001375x375 mm285x285 mm300x300 mm20.093.00
20.294.40   Cream RAL 9001520x465 mm430x375 mm445x390 mm20.093.00
20.291.50  Black380x280 mm295x198 mm310x210 mm20.093.00
20.292.50   Black600x350 mm513x265 mm530x280 mm20.093.00
20.293.50   Black375x375 mm285x285 mm300x300 mm20.093.00
20.294.50   Black520x465 mm430x375 mm445x390 mm20.093.00
20.295.50  Black600x250 mm515x165 mm530x180 mm20.093.00
20.291.60  Grey RAL 7042380x280 mm295x198 mm310x210 mm20.093.00
20.292.60   Grey RAL 7042600x350 mm513x265 mm530x280 mm20.093.00
20.293.60   Grey RAL 7042375x375 mm285x285 mm300x300 mm20.093.00
20.294.60   Grey RAL 7042520x465 mm430x375 mm445x390 mm20.093.00
20.295.60   Grey RAL 7042600x250 mm515x165 mm530x180 mm20.093.00
20.093.00 Lock kit, quick installation

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20.291.00 20.291.00 20.291.40






20.093.00 Lock kit