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Self-priming pump fitted with 3 valves

Can run dry without getting damaged, no vibrations, very quiet; fitted with internal by-pass that moderates the pressure control; permanent-magnet motor with self-lubricating shaft; thermal protection against accidental overheating. Includes 4 joints (two 1/2" threaded joints and two 14 mm hose adaptor) and intake filter, all fitted with snap-on connection.

CodeTypevoltCapacity l/minComsumption AExercise pressure - A - B - C - D - E - F - G
16.508.12Europump "8"128,8 l/min52,0 BAR105 mm106 mm90 mm100 mm200 mm85 mm69,5 mm
16.511.12Europump "11"1211 l/min63,0 BAR105 mm106 mm90 mm100 mm215 mm85 mm79,5 mm
16.540.03 Spare pressure gauge for 16.508.12 16.540.04 Spare pressure gauge for 16.511.12 16.533.01 Spare filter