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Inspection hatch with very sturdy anti-slip walking surface

Splash-proof cover locking with neoprene gasket; flush-mount; may be used as hatches for lockers, fishing tanks, or storeroom hatches and bulkheads 160° opening.

CodeFoto ArticoloVarianteOutsideInsideOPTIONAL lock kit for ready installation
20.301.00 White280x380 mm180x280 mm20.093.00
20.302.00 White350x600 mm250x500 mm20.093.00
20.301.60  Grey280x380 mm180x280 mm20.093.00
20.302.60  Grey350x600 mm250x500 mm20.093.00

20.301.00 20.302.00 20.301.00

OPTIONAL lock kit for ready installation