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VETUS steering systems

Made fully of rust-proof material according to advanced techniques, EC type-approved.

The measurement of the steering systems is just an indication. The choise shall keep into account the hull size, the engine power, the rudder size, the hull weight and type. Please, let us know all the above mentioned data to allow us recommend you the most suitable steering system.

CodeFoto ArticoloTypeStationBoat lengthTorque kgmRudder turnsStroke mmTiller angle degreesTiller length mmPumpCylinderCylinder volume c.c.Joints - 45.028.18-19Joints - "T"
45.030.10MT 30single8303,415070129HTP2010MTC3067--
45.045.10MT 52single10523,516070140HTP3010MTC521044-
45.045.20 * MT 52double10523,516070140HTP3010MTC52104142
45.080.10MT 72single12724,922570196HTP3010MTC721464-
45.080.20 * MT 72double12724,922570196HTP3010MTC72146142
45.110.10MT 125single14/15125616070140HTP4210MTC1252534-
45.110.20 * MT 125double14/15125616070140HTP4210MTC125253142
45.140.10MT 175single16/171758,522570196HTP4210MTC1753564-
45.140.20 * MT 175double16/171758,522570196HTP4210MTC175356142
* Fitted with check valve Important: A) The Vetus steering gears, except for model 45.030.10, can be installed with flexible pipe R7 5/16 (45.028.14) or with copper pipe 10x8 mm (45.028.10) The copper pipe doesn't require additional joints, the hose requires joint models 45.028.18-19 according to the quantity shown beside the steering systems. B) Steering gear 45.030.10 uses nylon or copper pipe size 6x8 (45.028.11) 45.030.10 Fittings included.

Simple control Twin control