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FORTRESS aluminium Anchors

Easily stowed due to disassembly feature - ideal as a spare or main anchor. Designed to allow adjustment of fluke angle so that the anchor can be adapt to various anchoring grounds (mud, gravel, sand etc.) Made with sturdy magnesium anodized aluminium. Cited as the best anchor currently available on the market. It came out top in five independent tests, one of which was carried out by the U.S: Navy.

CodeIt replaces S.S. anchorsSuitable for hull sizeCanvas stowage bag OPTIONALABC
01.100.113,24/6 kg8/10 m01.099.02685 mm406 mm559 mm
01.100.164,56/8 kg10/12 m01.099.03787 mm457 mm635 mm
01.100.236,88/13 kg12/14 m01.099.04914 mm533 mm737 mm
01.100.379,513/23 kg14/16 m01.099.051016 mm610 mm813 mm
01.100.5514,423/29 kg16/18 m01.099.061168 mm686 mm940 mm
01.100.8521,232/41 kg- m-1300 mm760 mm1040 mm

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