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Electric toilet unit

Fitted with bronze self-priming pump and neoprene rotor. Push-button operated, permanent-magnet motor and stainless steel shaft, built-in macerator. White seat and cover. 19-mm (3/4") inlet pipe and 25-mm (1”) outlet pipe. Control panel INCLUDED. Spray Nozzle washing fitting for faster and more effective cleaning at very high pressure on all the toilet bowl surface.

CodeNewArticoloFoto ArticoloBowlBoardModelvoltampere mm - height mm - width mm - depth
50.207.13white porcelainSoft close plasticspace saver121534034542014
50.205.13white porcelainWhite lacquered woodspace saver121534034542014
50.207.12 white porcelainSoft close plasticcompact121537034542014,5
50.207.24 white porcelainSoft close plasticcompact247,537034542014,5
50.205.12 white porcelainWhite lacquered woodcompact121537034542014,5
50.205.24 white porcelainWhite lacquered woodcompact247,537034542014,5
50.206.12 white porcelainBig soft close plasticbig121538536549014,5
50.206.24 white porcelainBig soft close plasticbig247,538536549014,5
50.211.12 stainless steelWhite lacquered woodcompact12153603454007,5
50.211.24 stainless steelWhite lacquered woodcompact247,53603454007,5
Control panels recommended: 50.207.50, 50.207.07, 50.207.08 50.209.90 Kit of spare impeller and gasket

50.205.12/24 50.206.12/24 50.211.12/24