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LEWMAR C.Q.R.® hot-galvanized pressed steel anchor

Life warranty against breaks and Lloyd's Test Certification as High Holding Power anchor.

CodeRecommended chainRecommended for hulls up to mABCDE
01.145.65766660 mm235 mm55 mm552 mm330 mm
01.145.09989775 mm246 mm60 mm647 mm370 mm
01.145.1111811,5825 mm282 mm65 mm677 mm390 mm
01.145.1616814981 mm328 mm76 mm776 mm513 mm
01.145.202010181037 mm355 mm83 mm828 mm523 mm
01.145.272710191117 mm390 mm89 mm913 mm555 mm
01.145.343411201190 mm412 mm94 mm978 mm570 mm
01.145.484811221196 mm485 mm120 mm843 mm530 mm
01.145.646612,5241337 mm537 mm128 mm933 mm583 mm
01.145.818112,5261450 mm582 mm138 mm1010 mm634 mm