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LEWMAR C.Q.R.® hot-galvanized pressed steel anchor

Life warranty against breaks and Lloyd's Test Certification as High Holding Power anchor.

CodeRecommended for hulls up to m - motorboatsRecommended for hulls up to m - sailing/cruising boatsRecommended for hulls up to m - sailing/racing boatsABCDEFG
01.145.657358260 mm640 mm340 mm230 mm540 mm220 mm55 mm
01.145.09968,511330 mm780 mm410 mm280 mm600 mm280 mm65 mm
01.145.1111911,512.5330 mm800 mm430 mm290 mm650 mm300 mm65 mm
01.145.1616111416,5380 mm950 mm500 mm320 mm760 mm310 mm80 mm
01.145.20201618,519400 mm1000 mm540 mm370 mm830 mm350 mm75 mm
01.145.2727171921370 mm1150 mm600 mm410 mm930 mm390 mm95 mm
01.145.34341920,522410 mm1240 mm640 mm430 mm990 mm410 mm90 mm
01.145.484820,52224- mm1196 mm666 mm425 mm843 mm- mm- mm
01.145.6466232527- mm1337 mm754 mm537 mm933 mm- mm- mm
01.145.818126,52830- mm1450 mm816 mm522 mm1010 mm- mm- mm