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Mooring springs

Our mooring springs make sure that dampening has a high resistance over time. - Version made of high resistant galvanized steel. - Version made of high resistant mirror polished stainless steel.

CodeMaterialØLL maxMax load compress.For hulls up to (aprox) mmax hull weight kg
01.189.06galvanized steel53 mm270 mm1400,651000
01.189.09galvanized steel66 mm320 mm2000,972000
01.189.12galvanized steel74 mm350 mm2501,693500
01.189.17galvanized steel90 mm380 mm3502,7117000
01.189.19galvanized steel93 mm400 mm6302,91310000
01.199.06polished S.S.54 mm275 mm950,551000
01.199.08polished S.S.65 mm320 mm1400,972000
01.199.11polished S.S.75 mm340 mm2001,593500
01.199.14polished S.S.88 mm380 mm2502,7117000
01.199.16polished S.S.90 mm390 mm4502,91310000
To be installed with a safety ground chain

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