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Braid/strap made of 32-strand polypropylene

Specially designed for fastening fenders; made without a core, easy to splice without requiring any specific knowledge.

CodeVariantenominal ØFlat bar
06.444.10 White10 mm3,3 x 18 mm50
06.444.11 White14 mm4,5 x 20 mm50
06.444.12 White18 mm5,6 x 25 mm50
06.444.20 Blue navy10 mm3,3 x 18 mm50
06.444.21 Blue navy14 mm4,5 x 20 mm50
06.444.22 Blue navy18 mm5,6 x 25 mm50
06.444.80 Black10 mm3,3 x 18 mm50
06.444.81 Black14 mm4,5 x 20 mm50
06.444.82 Black18 mm5,6 x 25 mm50

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