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SANSHIN HR1170 HID 1.000.000 CD electric swivelling light for large boats

Technical data: 1) double metal halide HID ligth source with 1.000.000 CD USA power 2) rotation: 360° horizontally, 15°+30° vertically. Automatic return to central position in case of power shortage 3) rotation speed: fast 30°/second - slow 10°/second 4) 2-mile approximate capacity 5) XRCIZ automatic system to move the light once every 30 days in order to keep the electric contacts and the rotation systems clean 6) aluminium body with three-layer white painting 7) size: 310x330x235 mm - weight 14.06 kg 8) possibility to install up to 3 remote controls 9) 24-volt power

13.345.24Light equipped with control panel
13.345.29Spare control panel
13.345.30CPF 188 second station panel
13.345.31SCB-0155 spare bulb

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