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Lines for hanging fenders with eye, made of high-strength polyester

Polyester double braid with hand-spliced eye.

06.444.46 White6 mm1,5 m
06.444.50  White8 mm1,5 m
06.444.51  White10 mm2 m
06.444.52  White12 mm2,5 m
06.444.59 Blue6 mm1,5 m
06.444.60  Blue8 mm1,5 m
06.444.61  Blue10 mm2 m
06.444.62  Blue12 mm2,5 m
06.444.54 Black6 mm1,5 m
06.444.55 Black8 mm1,5 m
06.444.56 Black10 mm2 m
06.444.57 Black12 mm2,5 m

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