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MARLOW Excel Fusion 78 braid with cover

Braid with cover. Ideal for: standard sheets and spinnaker sheets. Characteristics: very light, it doesn't absorb water, reduced elongation, easy to splice, soft to touch despite its RACING technical characteristics. Core: pre-stretched Dyneema SK78. Cover: pre-stretched Dyneema braided with soft polypropylene.

CodeVarianteØBreaking loadWeight kg/100 m
06.424.06BL Blue6 mm1088 kg1.7100
06.424.08BL Blue8 mm1411 kg3.0100
06.424.10BL Blue10 mm2472 kg4.4100
06.424.06RO Red6 mm1088 kg1.7100
06.424.08RO Red8 mm1411 kg3.0100
06.424.10RO Red10 mm2472 kg4.4100
06.424.06NE Black6 mm1088 kg1.7100
06.424.08NE Black8 mm1411 kg3.0100
06.424.10NE Black10 mm2472 kg4.4100