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Classic electric exterior spotlight

Body: diecast aluminium coated in white high-resistance anti-corrosion resins. Totally watertight. 2-speed 355° horizontal rotation. 50° vertical rotation. Version A: 100W+90W double filament halogen bulb (spot + flood). Version B: ultra-powerful HID Xenon gas discharge bulb (35W HID). It can be connected to 3 different controls (independent or combined) for the desired configuration: 1)Joystick-operated bridge control (to be connected to the lighthouse via a phone cable), 4.5-m cable included, 10-m cable to be purchased separately. 2)Wireless bridge control (power the panel and it will interface wireless to the lighthouse). 3)Traditional radio remote control with bracket for mounting on the bridge.

CodeNewArticoloVersionVCD candles*Power WRange 0.25 Lux*lumenJoystick controlBridge wireless controlWireless remote control10-m extension cable for 13.225.39
13.225.12 A12180.000100/80849250013.225.3913.225.4113.225.4013.225.3113.225.35
13.225.24 A24180.000100/80849250013.225.3913.225.4213.225.4013.225.3113.225.36
* To be measure at the centre of the light beam.

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