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EXIDE Gel batteries for services and starting

Maximum safety: Airtight and sealed battery avoiding acid or gas leaks thanks to the recombination process. Acid is frozen by means of a gel thus making the battery highly eco-friendly. Higher capacity of use: Very low self-discharge so that EXIDE GEL still has more than 80% of its nominal capacity in store after 6 months' non-use, and more than 60% after 2 years' non-use. No need of recharge! Sturdier built: EXIDE GEL combines sturdier built and the advantages of the gel technology thus standing very high vibrations. More cycles - longer duration: Differently from traditional batteries, EXIDE GEL allows 100% discharge. It can be inclined up to 180°.

CodeFoto ArticoloA·hCapacity storage (min)Peak A/18° (EN)W·hVModelPole (+) - Length - Width - Height
12.413.01 609551065012ES650RIGHT278 mm175 mm190 mm21,2
12.413.038513051096912ES950LEFT330 mm165 mm236 mm30
12.413.082103201200239412ES2400LEFT518 mm276 mm242 mm70
12.413.20 * 20026095011006ES1100-6RIGHT244 mm190 mm275 mm62
* To be used in series. Smaller size and weight batteries than 12V batteries can deliver greater charge stock.

12.413.08 12.413.03