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Regular and pantograph telescopic wiper arm for 20W motor - 19.181.01/02

Polished stainless steel arms and wiper blades.

CodeFoto ArticoloDescriptionLengthWindshield wiper
19.188.01Regular telescopic arms350/450 mmno
19.188.02Regular telescopic arms450/550 mmno
19.193.01Wiper blade400 mm-
19.193.02Wiper blade450 mm-
19.193.03Wiper blade500 mm-
19.189.01Pantograph telescopic arm350/450 mmyes
19.189.02Pantograph telescopic arm450/550 mmyes
19.193.11Wiper blade400 mm-
19.193.12Wiper blade450 mm-
19.193.13Wiper blade500 mm-

19.188.01/02 19.193.01/03/11/13 19.189.01/02