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Sail pro self-inflating lifejacket - 180 N (EN ISO 12402-3)

Technical characteristics: 1) Hammar hydrostatic automatic self-inflation (avoiding all possibility of accidental automatic inflation) 2) Safety belt complying with ISO 12401 standards 3) 25% more compact than traditional self-inflating life jackets, easier movements 4) Case with automatic zipper closure: lighter, more compact, faster opening and closing than with Velcro 5) *OPTIONAL: fluo colour water/wind stopping cap 6) ** Hammar activator - 38g bottle. 7) With safety harness.

CodeFoto ArticoloActivationOutside colorSpare spray can + Hammar MA1
22.394.00Automatic Hammar Black22.395.11
* 22.394.10 OPTIONAL : water/wind stopping cap

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22.394.00 22.394.10