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LENCO Retrofit kit for Bennet trim tabs. From hydraulic to electric system

This kit includes: - 2 electrical actuators - 2 upper brakets (some bores as Bennet) -2 connectors for connection to Bennet wiring - screws included. This kit can replace a Bennet kit thus avoiding the hydraulic central unit. It uses the existing Bennet flaps, wiring and panel.

CodeLENCO codeVersionVolt
51.258.0115064-001universal kit12
This kit isn’t compatible with Bennet last-generation LED control panels (51.245.02; 51.245.03; 51.245.04; 51.245.05; 51.230.50; 51.230.51; 51.246.01; 51.246.02; 51.246.03; 51.246.04)