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VICTRON Phoenix microprocessor battery charger

The 'adaptive' control with microprocessor perfectly adapts the charge to the battery requirements (very important function in case of sealed batteries). 4-stage charge: bulk-absorption-float storage. The storage function automatically reduces to 13.2V/26.4V the FLOAT function thus minimizing gasification and corrosion of the positive plates. Technical data: Aluminium frame; Universal supply: 90/265VAC - 90/400 VDC - 45/65 Hz; Control LED lights; Internal temperature sensors; Cable voltage drop compensation; Protections against short circuit, polarity inversion, overvoltage, overheating, high voltage of the battery.

CodeFoto ArticoloTypeOutlet VMax charge AOutletsRecommended for batteries A·h
14.266.0112/3014,430 + 42 + 1*100/400350x200x108 mm3,8
14.266.02 12/5014,450 + 42 + 1*200/800350x200x108 mm3,8
* 2 full outlets + 4 A limited outlet dedicated to starting batteries 14.270.30 Battery alarm panel, a sound or visual alarm warns about too high or too low voltage 14.270.36 PHOENIX control panel. It monitors the charge level and ensures the reduction of outlet DC current if the inlet AC power is low. It also enables to modify the battery charge parameters. RJ45 cable required. 14.270.47 RJ45 7-m cable. 14.100.06 Battery monitor

14.266.01 14.270.36 14.270.30