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VICTRON Cyrix-I dual battery charger

By means of a micro-processor, this powerful relay automatically connects the batteries in parallel when one of them has reached the preset voltage and it split them when the voltage drops below the FLOATING level. Cryrix-I are an excellent option to diode separators since there's no voltage drop. In the traditional installation, the alternator is directly connected to the starting battery. Service battery and bow propeller are combined with the starting battery by means of the Cryrix-I. When the Cryrix-I detects that the starting battery is charged, it will activate thus enabling the other batteries to charge in parallel. Cryrix-I detects the voltage of both batteries therefore it will activate if, for example, the service battery is being charged.

CodeFoto ArticoloTypeMax charge current APeak current AConnection voltage VDisconnection voltage V
14.263.0112/24/12012015013 - 13,8   26 - 27,611 - 12,8   22 - 25,746x46x80 mm
14.263.0212/24/22522550013 - 13,8   26 - 27,610,5 - 12,8   21 - 25,6100x90x100 mm
14.263.0312/24/400400200013 - 13,8   26 - 27,610,5 - 12,8   21 - 25,678x102x110 mm

14.263.01 14.263.02 14.263.03