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PVC Spiral Reinforced hose for WCs, pumps, etc.

Made of transparent PVC with white soft PVC spiral. Can bend round corners without becoming crushed. Non-toxic in compliance with Ministerial Decree No 172.

CodeInternal ØExternal ØThicknessMin. curve radiusRoll
18.006.1414 mm20 mm2,5 mm40 mm30 m
18.006.1616 mm22 mm3 mm50 mm30 m
18.006.2020 mm26 mm3 mm60 mm30 m
18.006.2525 mm32 mm3,5 mm75 mm30 m
18.006.3030 mm37 mm3,5 mm90 mm30 m
18.006.3838 mm46 mm4 mm115 mm30 m