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LEWMAR Delta® DTX stainless steel anchor

New version of the renowned Delta Inox, DTX is entirelly made of 316 stainless steel. With unchanged and patented geometry, still unmatched, it ensures high grip power to grab into any seabed and quickness to re-grab the grip under all conditions. Certified as Ordinary Holding Power, 3-year warranty.

CodeRecommended for hulls up to mt - powerRecommended for hulls up to mt - sails, cruisingRecommended for hulls up to mt - sails, racingABCDE
01.106.1010121012,5695 mm310 mm13 mm526 mm282 mm
01.106.161615,513,516812 mm362 mm13 mm614 mm328 mm
01.106.2020171517,5877 mm392 mm16 mm663 mm357 mm
01.106.25251916,519,5945 mm415 mm16 mm713 mm387 mm
01.106.32322118241040 mm430 mm20 mm800 mm420 mm

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