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LEWMAR retractable swing thrusters

Using this innovative system, the propeller is only immersed when neccesary, without taking up excessive cabin space, as is common with vertical systems. During manoeuvres, the swing thruster guarantees a 30% superior performance when compared to the thrust from conventional tunnel thrusters of the same power rating, because the propeller is deeper and positioned right at the bow. The vessels performance underway is not compromised, because when not being used, the tunnel retracts inside the hull.

ModelA mmB mmC mmD mm

CodeModelTunnel ØVkW/HPNo of propellersThrustFor sailboatsFor motorboats
02.142.05185TT4,0185 mm124/5.4165 kgF12/14 m10/12 m
02.142.06185TT5,0185 mm125/6.7182 kgF13/15 m11/14 m
02.142.07185TT5,0185 mm245/6.7182 kgF13/15 m11/14 m
02.142.09185TT6,0185 mm126/8197 kgF14/17 m13/16 m
02.142.10185TT6,0185 mm246/8197 kgF14/17 m13/16 m
02.142.12 *250TT8,0250 mm248/10.82160 kgF16/21 m15/18 m
- 02.145.04 - Water sensor * - - Counter-rotating thrusters