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Universal electronic revolution counter with hour counter

Connection to the alternator "w" terminal.

CodeFoto ArticoloVarianteScaleVolt mm - A mm - B mm - C
27.325.02 Black dial, black bezel0-4000 RPM12/24968555
27.325.03Black dial, black bezel0-6000 RPM12/24968555
27.325.04 Black dial, black bezel0-8000 RPM12/24968555
27.326.02Black dial, glossy bezel0-4000 RPM12/24968555
27.326.03 Black dial, glossy bezel0-6000 RPM12/24968555
27.326.04 Black dial, glossy bezel0-8000 RPM12/24968555
27.327.02 White dial, glossy bezel0-4000 RPM12/24968555
27.327.03 White dial, glossy bezel0-6000 RPM12/24968555
27.327.04White dial, glossy bezel0-8000 RPM12/24968555

27.325.03 27.326.02 27.327.04