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AQUATIC AV marine stereo with iPod/iPhone watertight housing

Innovative and IP66 watertight recorder-tuner designed on purpose for nautical use, with stainless steel body (unique on the market). Technical specification: - iPod/iPhone housing with no adapter (29.549.00), menu on front display, music/data download in MP3 format, (6 preselectable) AM and (18 preselectable) FM frequencies, 50 W x 4-channel amplifier, clock, subwoofer plug-and-play port, XM satellite port, presetting for 3 wireless remote controls, 12-volt power, SOFT TOUCH controls.

CodeFoto ArticoloDescription
29.549.00AM/FM tuner, iPod/iPhone internal housing
29.549.06portable wireless watertight remote control for 29.549.00, range up to 15 m. Equipped with receiver
29.549.10Fixed wireless watertight remote control for 29.549.00
29.549.02 12V power cable
29.549.043.5 mm additional cable for external reader

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29.549.00 29.549.10 29.549.06