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Single lever control boxes “Low Profile”

Universal size for any type of engine, gas and inverter control function, compact size, made of chromed zamak. Available in double action version with push button inverter disconnection, or with single action where each lever control the gas or inverter cable separately; use any type of cable except for C4; supplied ready to use with cables C14/MACH14 - C2/C7/C8/MACHZero.

For cables C5/C16/MACH5 ask for kit K60 (45.100.11). For cables C36/MACH36 ask for kit K62 (45.100.12). For cables C22 ask for kit K61 (45.100.13).

CodeFoto ArticoloActionDescription
45.100.04singlesingle engine gas + inverter (B322)
45.100.06singletwin engine gas only (B322T)
45.100.08singletwin engine inverter only (B322S)
45.100.02doubletwin engine (B302CR)
45.100.01doublesingle engine (B301CR)

45.100.01 45.100.02/06/08 45.100.04