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Low Elegant model with SILENT 80-db pump

The new SILENT pump reduces drain noise to as low as 80 dB, the lowest on the market. Control panel INCLUDED. Spray Nozzle fitting for fast and effective high-pressure washing of the whole toilet bowl.

CodeFoto ArticoloBackvoltBoardSelf-priming pump for water suction OPTIONALElectro-valve * OPTIONAL
50.216.01straight12Duroplast Softclose16.193.12; 16.193.5050.203.10
50.216.02straight24Duroplast Softclose16.193.2450.203.11
50.216.03rounded12Duroplast Softclose16.193.12; 16.193.5050.203.10
50.216.04rounded24Duroplast Softclose16.193.2450.203.11
* Electrovalve to be placed between the loading pump and the toilet. When installing more than one toilet with a single pump, this valve also works as anti-siphon on the toilet loading system mounted under the sink. 16.525.12; 16.525.24 Self-priming pump for water intake. 50.207.39 Spare cover board made of Duroplast SoftClose for 50.216.01: 50.216.02

50.216.03/04 50.216.03/04