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Splicing terminals made of AISI 316 stainless steel

Fitted with double locking cones; suitable for preformed cables, either rigid or flexible; no special tools are required for the installation.

CodeFoto ArticoloVersionFor cables ØABCL
05.660.30With eye3 mm6 mm5,6 mm14 mm48 mm
05.660.40With eye4 mm7,5 mm7,6 mm16 mm55 mm
05.660.50With eye5 mm8 mm9,8 mm18 mm64 mm
05.660.60With eye6 mm11 mm9,8 mm23 mm85 mm
05.660.70With eye7 mm11 mm10 mm23 mm87 mm
05.660.80With eye8 mm13,2 mm11,7 mm25 mm90 mm
05.660.10With eye10 mm15,2 mm13,1 mm25 mm110 mm
05.661.40With fork4 mm7 mm6 mm15 mm61 mm
05.661.50With fork5 mm8 mm8 mm16 mm71 mm
05.661.60With fork6 mm10 mm10 mm22 mm92 mm
05.661.70With fork7 mm11 mm10 mm22 mm92 mm
05.661.80With fork8 mm12 mm10 mm22 mm100 mm
05.661.10With fork10 mm12 mm12 mm26 mm130 mm

05.660.xx 05.660.xx 05.661.xx