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Maintenance cycle for desalinators

The cycle uses 3 specific products

CodeFoto ArticoloDescriptionPackage
65.749.01“PHASE 1”: for diaphragm washing*1 l ***12
65.749.02“PHASE 2”: for diaphragm scraping*1 l ***12
65.749.03“PHASE 3”: diaphragms preserving product **1 l ***12
* These products have always to be used together in case of performance decrease of the desalinator, which is normally linked to incrustations on diaphragms, or once a year. ** To be used when you think not to operate the desalinator for a long time. It prevents deposits or stains. *** Appropriate quantity for treatment of any boat desalinator. Each PHASE product requires 20 minutes to have effect.

65.749.01 65.749.02 65.749.03