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MARLOW Excel Racing braid

Ideal for: halyards, low-stretch sheets, reefs, multiple professional applications. Features: floating, excellent stretch resistance, easy to splice, the cover can be removed. Core: 12-strand Dyneema SK78. Cover: high-strength 16-plait polyester.

CodeVarianteØBreaking loadWeight kg/100 m
06.429.15BL Blue1,5 mm139 kg0,17100
06.429.02BL Blue2 mm224 kg0,29100
06.429.03BL Blue3 mm463 kg0,58100
06.429.04BL Blue4 mm995 kg1,24100
06.429.06BL Blue6 mm2056 kg2,41100
06.429.15RO Red1,5 mm139 kg0,17100
06.429.02RO Red2 mm224 kg0,29100
06.429.03RO Red3 mm463 kg0,58100
06.429.04RO Red4 mm995 kg1,24100
06.429.06RO Red6 mm2056 kg2,41100
06.429.03BI White3 mm463 kg0,58100
06.429.04BI White4 mm995 kg1,24100
06.429.06BI White6 mm2056 kg2,41100
06.429.03NE Black3 mm463 kg0,58100
06.429.04NE Black4 mm995 kg1,24100
06.429.06NE Black6 mm2056 kg2,41100
06.429.15LI Lime1,5 mm139 kg0,17100
06.429.02LI Lime2 mm224 kg0,29100
06.429.03LI Lime3 mm463 kg0,58100
06.429.04LI Lime4 mm995 kg1,24100
06.429.06LI Lime6 mm2056 kg2,41100
06.429.06VI Purple6 mm2056 kg2,41100