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Blue Wave rigging screws

Fitted with chromed brass bottle-screws and AISI stainless steel terminals, to be arranged according to needs.

Fitted as: 1 bottle-screw, 1 left screw thread or 1 right screw thread (to be selected among these two types)

CodeDescriptionLeft thread - jointed fork (B)Right thread - press-fitting terminal (C)Right thread - fixed fork (D)UNF threadFor cableBreaking loadA+B+C - L1A+B+C - L2A+B+D - L1A+B+D - L2FHG
07.203.01Bronze body (A)07.204.0107.205.0107.206.011/4"3 mm1300 kg255 mm193 mm225 mm163 mm9,5 mm8 mm6,3 mm
07.203.02Bronze body (A)07.204.0207.205.0207.206.025/16"4 mm2350 kg304-310 mm228-234 mm268 mm192 mm11 mm10 mm8 mm
07.203.03Bronze body (A)07.204.0307.205.0407.206.033/8"5 mm3500 kg349-364 mm265-280 mm313 mm229 mm12 mm12 mm9,5 mm
07.203.04Bronze body (A)07.204.0407.205.0607.206.047/16"6 mm4700 kg397-408 mm307-318 mm350 mm260 mm12 mm15 mm11 mm
07.203.05Bronze body (A)07.204.0507.205.0807.206.051/2"7 mm5400 kg438-453 mm332-347 mm387 mm281 mm14 mm18 mm12,7 mm
07.203.06Bronze body (A)07.204.0607.205.1007.206.065/8"8 mm8000 kg536-553 mm404-421 mm491 mm359 mm18 mm20 mm16 mm
07.203.07Bronze body (A)07.204.0707.205.1207.206.073/4"10 mm13000 kg625-655 mm465-495 mm586 mm426 mm24 mm24 mm19 mm

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A (07.203.xx)

B (07.204.xx)

C (07.205.xx)

D (07.206.xx)

A + B + C (07.203.xx + 204.xx + 205.xx)

A + B + D (07.203.xx + 204.xx + 206.xx)