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Night Eye high-beam light

Features: - ABS with anodized aluminium bracket and stainless steel base; Optical bulb USA WAGNER with maximum capacity of 600 metres; Full 360° rotation and elevation; detachable light with 2 meter extendable cable; special waterproof switch, fitted with rubber cover, built-in into the rear dome; equipped with waterproof plug, which can be flush-mounted. Features: resistant to atmospheric agents; unbreakable optic bulb, humidity and salt resistant; great power; light weight, low cost.

CodeBulbVWWide-beam short lightHigh-beam lightHeightWidthFixing base ØSpare bulb
13.240.00Double filament12100+100100 m600 m250 mm215 mm 65 mm13.116.00
13.240.01Double filament24100+100100 m600 m250 mm215 mm 65 mm13.116.01