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Shore power cable and plug with built-in LED light

New watertight plug equipped with co-pressed cable.

CodeCable colorLengthACable outer ØCable section mm2
14.334.10 Blue*10 m3015 mm3x6
14.334.15 Blue*15 m3015 mm3x6
14.334.50 Blue*10 m1611,2 mm3x2.5
14.334.55 Blue*15 m1611,2 mm3x2.5
14.334.11 White10 m3015 mm3x6
14.334.16 White15 m3015 mm3x6
14.334.51 White10 m1611,2 mm3x2.5
14.334.56 White15 m1611,2 mm3x2.5
Equipped with additional ring nut for coupling with Marinco cables * Equipped with AC LED/warning light