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WHALE Universal fresh water pumps

Probably the quietest operating pump for boats on the market. Three models available for 2, 4 and 6 outputs or showers (8, 12 or 18 l/min capacity), constant and even flow, it can run dry without getting damaged, fitted with additional inside protection and safety features with wiring and pressure switch, self priming up to 3 metres, swivelling legs to adapt to pre-existing holes. All models include quick coupling filter. Also to be used with salt water.

CodicevoltFlowConsumption ABarIntakeOutlet
16.700.01128 l/min5315-mm quick joint15-mm quick joint
16.700.021212 l/min8315-mm quick joint15-mm quick joint
16.700.041218 l/min12315-mm quick joint3/4'' male thread
16.700.052418 l/min8315-mm quick joint3/4'' male thread
16.700.19 Suction filter 17.815.87 Joint for BSP 1/2" male threaded outlet. 17.815.40 Joint for 3/4" female threaded outlet. - Ready to adapt directly to quick piping systems size 15 mm, model types Whale, John Guest and similar ones thus providing an easy installation.

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