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MARCO self-priming electric pump with gears for oil pouring/replacement

Gear electric pump made of bronze for pouring of lubricant oils and viscous fluids. The suction is done through the oil level hole; it includes 2 hose connectors for a 14-mm hose barb and quick snap-in joint for the suctioning hose. Suitable for draining oil from engine sumps by means of the suitable hose kit. Nickel-plated brass body, stainless steel shaft.

Art. nr.Foto ArticolovoltCapacity l/h pipe mm - Ø 6Capacity l/h pipe mm - Ø 8Capacity l/h pipe mm - Ø 14Fuse ASelf-priming up toHoses kit OPTIONAL
16.190.121220603307,51 m16.190.27
16.190.2424206033041 m16.190.27
16.190.32122575480101,5 m16.190.27
16.190.4424257548051,5 m16.190.27
16.190.27 Kit tubi Ø mm 8 e mm 6 in rilsan rigido per aspirazione dall’astina del livello.

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