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VL-03 FASTMOUNT ® panel mounting system

Ultralowered VL-03 coupling system, 5-kg load, 10-mm male+female total thickness. Both male and female can be fixed with mastic sealant or central screw. In case of recess mounting, 26-mm Ø bore is needed for the female. The pair is self-aligning.

Art. nr.Foto ArticoloOEMDescription
10.460.01FMVL-F3VL-F3 female10
10.460.02FMVL-M3VL-M3 male. 5-kg load.10
10.460.03FMVL-SS3Special ultralowered screw for 10.460.0210
10.460.04FMVL-CP3Centering device to aling the two parts1

10.460.01 10.460.02 10.460.03