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PSP Stayput self-adhesive tapes for repairs

Special adhesive tape “Dacron SPI” suitable for repairing sails in a matter of seconds; ideal for spinnakers, designed to reinforce the battens; genuine British Dacron product.

Art. nr.ColourRoll
10.288.00AR Orange50 mm x 4.5 m
10.288.00AZ Light blue50 mm x 4.5 m
10.288.00BI White50 mm x 4.5 m
10.288.00RO Red50 mm x 4.5 m
10.288.00VE Green50 mm x 4.5 m
10.288.00BL Blue50 mm x 4.5 m
10.288.00GI Yellow50 mm x 4.5 m
10.288.00NE Black50 mm x 4.5 m