GLOMEX WebBoat Antenna

The weBBoat 4G Lite EVO is the new compact version of COASTAL INTERNET 3G/4G/Wi-Fi SINGLE SIM Plug&Play integrated system to surf the web and ensuring stable and high speed connections up to approximately 15 miles from the coast. All functions of the unit are easy to configure and control by the app which is available for both Android and iOS devices. The weBBoat 4G Lite EVO is equipped with two 4G diversity antenna, one diversity Wi-Fi antenna, and a super-fast 3G/4G/Wi-Fi router that creates a stable and protected Wi-Fi hot spot inside and outside the vessel that can be used by up to 24 different devices at a time. Over the previous model weBBoat 4G Lite EVO has very useful additional functions: · Automatic selection of the phone operator APN. · Check and sending of SMS to monitor the SIM credit and the Internet data consumption at all times. · It connects to the onboard Internet satellite devices for a safe and stable connection and automatically switch from Wi-Fi to SIM data or satellite Internet connection. · Only one Internet connection mode can be enabled to receive the external Wi-Fi signal, such as from the marina, to limit cell phone and satellite Internet data fees. · Remote connection to Glomex technical service for remote assistance. Remote access is personal and safe using a peer-to-peer encrypted connection.

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WeBBoat 4G Lite EVO
Ø 140 x 200 h
15 miles
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29.921.30 OPTION Support for spreader on sailboat mast for WebBoat lite made of reinforced nylon, fitted with two hinges for mounting on curved or rounded surfaces. 1"x14 thread, side or central cable outlet. Install the WebBoat at a 8/10-m max height.
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Support mast for WebBoat Antenna


Support mast for WebBoat Antenna