GLOMEX WebBoat Antenna

weBBoat® 4G is GLOMEX new compact COASTAL INTERNET 3G/4G/Wi-Fi integrated antenna system to surf the Internet ensuring high-speed connections. It is equipped with 4G Diversity antennas that receive the Internet signal and creates a personal and safe WiFi network inside the fibreglass boat, that can be used simultaneously by 24 different and authorized devices. Moreover, if a known Wi-Fi network is present and available (for example the marina Wi-Fi), weBBoat® 4G will automatically connect to it to limit the Internet fees. WeBBoat® 4G is a PLUG & PLAY product as 4G GSM module is integrated inside the dome and, for its operation, only needs a 10/30 Vdc power cable and a SIM card for surfing the Internet to avoid unwanted roaming costs; all this makes weBBoat very easy to install. WeBBoat 4G is also easy to use thanks to the new free App Glomex, available for iOS and Android. - WeBBoat 4G PLUS: DUAL SIM to always have the best performance; 4 x Diversity 4G antennas. - WeBBoat 4G LITE: SINGLE SIM combining best performance and compact size; 2 x Diversity 4G antennas.

Master items

Sim card
* Price
WeBBoat 4G Plus
Ø 250 x 300 h
20 miles
WeBBoat 4G Lite
Ø 140 x 200 h
15 miles

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