weBBoat® GLOMEX Plus 5G


weBBoat® Plus 5G is the new WORLDWIDE Dual SIM 5G/4G/Wi-Fi All-in-One Plug & Play COASTAL INTERNET system designed by Glomex to get the internet on board and a secure Wi-Fi
hotspot inside and outside the boat thanks to the in-built 5G/4G and Wi-Fi antennas for fast connection over 20 miles from the coast.
Download speed in 5G – up to 2.5 Gbps thanks to module CAT 24. 5G offers a connection with the same level of fibre connection, but totally wireless and therefore perfect to be used on board.
Moreover, if you sail in an area with no 5G signal coverage, the LTE CAT 16 unit allows you to have a 4G connection speed up to 1Gbps.
Inside the dome, there are 4 x high performance 5G and 2 x 2.4/5GHz MIMO Wi-Fi antennas for optimizing the speed of data transfers with a huge increase on the connection speed.
That means that you can either watch streaming TV channels and platforms such as Netflix or Amazon Prime offshore, or work remotely from your boat, using internet connection as like you would be on the mainland.
Equipped with the new revolutionary Glomex MIoT Routerboard platform with a super-powerful processor, that highly increases the connection speed compared to other existing internet wireless systems.
Among the main weBBoat® Plus 5Gfeatures there are:
-Carrier aggregation: flexible bandwidth option in LTE that allows to combine multiple bands of the carrier into one big channel and therefore significantly improve the achievable data rates and speed
-Automatic APN: Easier and Faster configuration with the automatic selection of your SIM card carrier APN.
-Easy configuration and management with weBBoat® App
-Priority function: possibility to choose which type of Internet connection is used and in which assigned priority order between Wi-Fi of marina/internet data via SIM cards installed inside the unit/SAT - satellite internet
-Encrypted real-time peer-to-peer connection for remote set-up & service.
-In-built speed-test feature.

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weBBoat® Plus 5G
Ø 250x300 h
25 miles
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29.921.31 OPTIONAL: Anti-yellowing reinforced nylon mount with adjustable base for installation of the weBBoat 4G Plus on the cross tree. 25-mm Ø. Fixing rivets/screws not included.
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Nylon mount with adjustable base for installation


Nylon mount with adjustable base for installation