LA CROSSE weather station with histogram

CODE 28.886.00

Radio-controlled DCF-77 hour and calendar, manual setting available; DCF-77 reception can be disabled. Adjustable time zone +/- 12 hours. Weather forecast. 3-level sensibility selection. Weather trend indicator. %RH internal and external humidity display. Resolution: 1%. Accuracy +/-3% RH. Min and max value registration. Internal and external temperature (up to transmitters). Resolution: 0.1°C. Min and max hour/date registration. Outside comfort level indicator. hPa air pressure. Chronological histogram of the last 24 hours. 12 moon phases display. Data transmission from the sensor into the 433 Mhz radio base station. Maximum distance of 100 m in open field.

mm 117x31x227 Power AAA batteries
mm 117x31x227
Power AAA batteries